New Orleans, Louisiana

Family-owned business.  Manage units and list properties for sale. Investment wing has rehabilitated properties for introduction to the market.  The firm is well marketed, provides an excellent and very professional service, and works with a diversity of clients.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Research issues and work with Congressman (LA-02) and staff on legislative solutions.  Work with staff as needed to assist them with research and with the development of legislation.  Represent the Congressman at activities and events.  Maintain communication with especially local elected officials, and maintain awareness of activities of organizations, especially with respect to the rebuilding of New Orleans.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Presided over the operations of the largest designated industrial district in the United States.  This district includes 87 businesses, which generate billions of dollars in sales and employ thousands of citizens of the New Orleans region.  Attracted twenty-six new businesses to the Park. Created a business assistance center following Hurricane Katrina, built 115HVA electrical substation, attracted hundreds of millions of dollars of new private investment.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Leader of Division which included eleven offices, thirty-one full-time staff members, and contract personnel.  The Division managed tax incentives, loan programs, and many other resources which foster business development in the City of New Orleans.  The Division also serves as a liaison to the private sector, assisting firms in the securing of the required permits, licenses, and resources that can assist them in doing business.  During my tenure, the Division’s profile was raised in the business community.  The Division successfully facilitated the development of major projects in the City inclusive of Jazzland Theme Park, the American Can Apartments, the Ritz Carlton Hotel, the Third Phase of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, and the New Orleans Sports Arena.  

Office of Small and Emerging Business Development

The Office serves as the Mayor’s liaison to the small business owner community.  During my term as leader of the office, I developed an excellent database of minority and women-owned businesses.  This database was later developed into both a printed directory and a mailing list and was made available to citizens and business owners upon request.  The office also conducted a regular seminar series in which the office provided small business owners with information on opportunities to do business with various governmental agencies and private sector firms.

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) in Economics


Elected Joe Biden Delegate, Democratic National Convention

Member, Board of Commissioners, New Orleans City Planning Commission. 

The nine-member CPC Board provides analysis and recommendations on matters involving the present and future development of the City of New Orleans. cpcnola.com.

Elected Member, Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee.  

Fmr Chairman, Fmr Vice Chairman, Fmr Member, the Good Work Network Board of Directors.  

Agency provides services to business owners and entrepreneurs to help them improve their skills, realize their full potential, and become active participants in the local economy. Through its programs and services, Good Work Network works to expand the local economy by building minority and women-owned businesses. www.goodworknetwork.org.

Fmr Member, Fmr Chairman, Commercial Real Estate Committee, Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority.  

The Authority manages public assets in the Lake Pontchartrain area inclusive of two marinas, a harbor, the Lakefront Airport, recreational assets, and commercial buildings.  Initiated projects that have resulted in millions of dollars of new investments. www.nfpama.com.

Member, Board of Directors, Industrial Development Board (IDB) of the City of New Orleans.  

The IDB Board stimulates economic development in New Orleans through the issuance of tax-exempt bonds and providing other incentives, as allowed by Louisiana law.  www.idbcno.com.  

Member, Executive Board, Southeast Louisiana (SELA) Council, Boy Scouts of America.  

Fmr Vice Chairman, Fleur de Lis District,  

Fmr Chairman, Fleur de Lis District,

Fmr Member, Membership Committee,  

Fmr Chairman, Advancement Committee, Troop 150, 

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the nation’s largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations. I worked successfully to assist in the rebuilding of Scouting on a local level following the devastation and population losses caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. bsa-selacouncil.org.

Chairman, Member, Board of Directors, New Orleans Council On Aging,  

The Council On Aging provides a range of health and wellness and social services to New Orleans citizens who are over the age of 65.  www.nocoa.org.

Fmr Chairman, Board of Directors, Emma B. Bromon Liberty House, Inc.  

Liberty House operates a transitional living program for young women who are homeless with children. Liberty House operates a two-year program designed to provide holistic wellness and family safety.

Editor: The Green Business Report.  

Monthly business support journal. Edited in partnership with my son, Eugene B.M. Green.  The Report includes listings of business assistance entities, favorable business news, and articles of general interest. www.thegreenbusinessreport.com.

Member, Board of Directors, Gulf Coast Social Services.  

Agency provides social services that are designed to empower people with mental, physical, behavioral, and other challenges to improve the quality of their lives and to live as independently as possible in the community.  www.gctfs.org.

Contributing writer, The New Orleans Tribune (www.neworleanstrubune.com).  

I publish an entrepreneurs and business management assistance column – Your Business In The Green – published online at www.neworleanstribune.com.

  • St. Augustine High School. Fmr Member, President’s Lunch Club
  • St. Augustine High School. Captain, 35th Reunion Class of 1976
  • St. Augustine High School Alumni Association, Fmr Member of the Advisory Committee
  • Gulf Coast JustBasketball team. Assistant Coach, Age 17 and under summer league
  • Lakeview Boosters, Fmr Head Coach, Baseball
  • Carrollton Boosters, Fmr Basketball Head Coach, League Championship, 2012
  • Life Member, Sigma Lambda Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.  Fmr Member: Alpha’s National Housing Search Committee
  • Orleans Parish School Board, Fmr Member, (Appointed)
  • Marion Central Middle School, Fmr Member, Board of Directors
  • National Urban League/Women’s Business Resource Center, Fmr Member, Board of Directors
  • Volunteers of America of Greater New Orleans. Fmr Member. Board of Directors
  • Orleans Levee District Board of Commissioners.  Fmr Member
  • Newcorp Business Assistance Center. Founding Member, Fmr Board of Directors
  • St. Marks Community Center. Fmr Member, Board of Directors
  • Greater New Orleans Multi-Cultural Tourism Network. Fmr Member, Board of Directors
  • Lakeland Medical Center. Fmr Member. Board of Directors
  • Xavier Triangle Neighborhood Development Corporation.  Fmr Member, Initial Board of Directors
  • Fmr Host: Eye On Enterprise Cable Access Television Show
  • Fmr Chairman, Summerfest Festival, Bethany United Methodist Church, Pontchartrain Park
  • Fmr Member Construction Review Committee, New Orleans Sewerage, and Water Board
  • Advisory Committee, New Orleans East Economic Development Foundation
  • Edward A. Kennedy, Jr. Choir, Bethany United Methodist Church.  Fmr Director
  • Co-Founder, Fmr Coach: Greater New Orleans Youth Soccer League
  • Fmr Member Advisory Committee, Friends of the New Orleans Recreation Department


  • Secure Funding for Youth Mentoring Programs.  The Council has some funding power at its discretion that could enhance public safety through support of programs such as those offered by the Silverbacksociety.com.  I serve as a mentor with this program.  It puts adults into classrooms with at-risk teens.  Each week, teens see successful members of our community who give them lessons that include the importance of accepting responsibility for the decisions that they make in life.  Mentoring youth has many short term and long term benefits.  It gives the mentees a sense that they are valued by society and encourages them to make investments in themselves and their community.  
  • Academy Enrollment, Incentivize Police Hiring, and Retention.  I will work to increase the number of police officers in our city from the present level to a more optimal level.  This increase in numbers is tempered by several things:  enhanced education requirements for admittance to the academy, improved training of incoming and current police personnel, more community policing, and enhanced response to citizen requests for assistance.  
  • Improvements in Juvenile Justice Intervention Center Programs. One way to make these programs more effective is to coordinate with mentoring programs that exist in the private sector, like the Silverback Society and Son of a Saint.  As the councilman, I will work closely with experts to ensure the provision, quality, evidenced based juvenile detention practices, and programs.  My work will involve analysis of budgetary needs and opportunities along with ensuring that the environment in which youth are detained is safe and provides opportunities for growth.
  • Mental Health Services.  The City of New Orleans can benefit from more mental health facilities and beds.  It has been estimated that 1 in 3 inmates in Orleans Parish jail have been prescribed mental health drugs.  Those requiring psychiatric help should not be placed into general prison populations.  I will work with mental health professionals and the sheriff’s office to address the issue, securing funding and other City support to prevent them from languishing in an environment that is counter-productive and that compromises public safety.  
  • Victim and Family Support.  While it may be mostly a state criminal justice system issue, there should still be pressure put upon state officials to put in place mechanisms that increase the price of crime to those who engage in criminal activity.  In addition, it is morally important for society to do more for victims of crime.  Mental health support for the victims of crime is essential to heal the damage done to our communities.  I pledge to not only address the mental health issues of those who commit crimes but also those victimized by crime. 
  • Increased Utilization of Ankle Bracelets and Bail Reform.  Remote monitoring systems keep low risk persons out of the negative short and long-term atmosphere with hardened criminals.  I will analyze the programs that work and offer more productive outcomes relative to monitoring low-level offenders.  I will lobby state criminal justice systems to reduce and curtail policies on bail that keep low-level offenders in hardened situations.  I will also examine policies that allow people out of corrective institutions and jail without any emphasis on what the defendants will be doing while awaiting the disposition of their cases.  
  • Crime Prevention Education.  I propose to do more to educate the average citizen about crime prevention measures we all can take.  Not leaving guns in cars, being aware of our surroundings, locking gates, increased lighting and camera use around your property are some of the simple ways crime can be reduced. So much of criminal activity is “Crime of Opportunity.”  Let’s work to reduce the criminals’ opportunities to commit crimes. 
  • Addressing the Issue of Blight.  The reduction of property blight and overgrown lots reduces crime.  I will work hard to increase the City’s role in reducing visible blight, including more and efficient methods of penalizing blighted property owners, which may include a more active role for the city in taking possession of and tearing down blighted properties.  
  • Task Force analysis by area.  I will establish a Task Force that looks at the various communities within District D and offer solutions to address their specific public safety and crime prevention concerns.  These recommendations would allow our community’s citizens to work with law enforcement, the courts, and the District Attorney in more productive ways.  

  • Expand Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Programs:  I will support the expansion of an active DBE program that will impact all City Departments.  DBE programs, when operated properly, provide an opportunity to grow our local economy by including businesses, such as those owned by local citizens – long underrepresented – in the contracting processes of the City and also the private sector.
  • Additional Funding and Incentives.  I support providing additional funding and incentives for use in our neighborhoods to create new jobs and increase economic activity.  I will work with the Council, Louisiana State Legislature, the Mayoral Administration, community groups, and the private sector to identify major stimulus projects. 
    The redevelopment of certain blighted and underutilized sites in targeted neighborhoods has stimulated economic activity, such as in the case of both the re-development of the Venus Gardens Building on Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, and the re-development of the American Can building in Mid-City.  An example of a successful public/ private partnership is the redevelopment of the site at Paris Ave and Robert E. Lee Blvd., which was once a blighted property but is now the site of a first class Ochsner medical facility. As the leader of the city’s Division of Economic Development, I facilitated the creation of Neighborhood Commercial Districts which stimulated economic activity in blighted and underutilized economic corridors.  As your councilman, I will use similar tools in our district and the city.
  • Small Business Support:  I will work with the City’s Department of Economic Development to upgrade the sharing of information with the public on the resources that are available to the public through the city’s many programs that assist small business.  Also, I will work to strengthen access to capital for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

  • Advocate for Fair Billing and Reliable Service.  The New Orleans City Council is in a unique position in that it regulates all utilities to ensure that there is fair billing and the utilities deliver reliable service.  My experience at the local, state, and federal level has afforded me the knowledge and ability to provide city and constituent services.  I will use the power of my office to closely oversee the services provided by utility companies charged with delivering services to residents.

  • Building a stronger environment.  I will employ recognized and established programs to increase our community’s readiness for the challenges faced by greenhouse emissions and stormwater management.  For example, I will work to secure additional state and federal funding in support of the reforestation of areas of our city that are prone to flooding.  I will work to help the city secure more funding  to construct electric car charging stations.  I will support the city’s levee erosion programs

  • Enhanced Quality of Life. The city has in place tools in the form of laws & ordinances in our city. I will employ these tools and incorporate incentives for investors that will facilitate the reuse of blighted properties and lots. I will support the conduction of  a comprehensive inventory of blighted properties and lots with the intention of using federal funding for flood mitigation assets.



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